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Our hogs are registered Duroc Hogs and Duroc/Yorkshire crossbreeds and are raised in well constructed pins allowing for exercise and shelter from inclement or hot weather. They are grain fed completely free of antibiotics and hormones. 

Bone - in pork chop - $7.50/lb.

Pork ribs - $18.00

Smoked bacon - $6.75/lb.

Country breakfast sausage patties - $5.75 (eight pack)

Link sausage - $5.50/lb.

Pork sausage - $5.00/lb.

Pork belly - $6.00/lb.

Pork tenderloin - $16.00

Smoke ham steak - $5.00/lb.

Boneless smoked ham - $4.00/lb.

Smoked ham butt- end - $2.75/lb.

Smoked ham whole or shank end - $2.50/lb. 

Spare ribs - $5.50/lb.

Short ribs - $3.00/lb.

Boneless pork chop - $7.50/lb.

Pork butt - $5.00/lb.

Pork brisket - $25.00

Pork ears - $5.00/lb.

Pig feet - $2.50/lb. 

Pig head - $2.25/lb. 

Pig kidney - $3.00/lb 

Pig liver - $2.50/lb.

Maws - $4.00/lb.

Neck bone - $2.50/lb.

Pig tails - $2.25/lb.  

Cured smoked country ham - $7.50/lb


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