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Located in Hardeman County, the Moore family has worked tirelessly to transform their family farm into Cambridge Creek Ranch. With almost 900 acres of scenic hardwoods, pastures, cropland, and horse trails, Cambridge Creek Ranch offers the perfect balance of raising and breeding livestock and recreational activities. This charming family-owned farm is a haven for both equine and bovine enthusiasts. Spread across rolling acres, the farm is a harmonious blend of rustic beauty and modern functionality. Tennessee Walkers and Standardbred horses graze in lush pastures while Black Angus cows\ roam nearby. The farm's legacy is palpable, with generations of dedication evident in the well-maintained barns, and thoughtfully designed facilities. The warm and welcoming atmosphere extends beyond the animals, as the family takes pride in sharing their passion for agriculture with visitors, offering educational tours and the chance to experience rural life firsthand. From the vibrant sunrise over the fields to the serene sunsets behind the manor, this family-owned gem captures the essence of a tranquil and thriving farm life.

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