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Cambridge Creek Ranch's Beef is 100% Angus. We take great pride in assuring that we provide great quality beef products. You can expect great taste, marbling and tenderness in every steak that you purchase from us. Our cattle are grass-fed and grain-finished with absolutely no antibiotics, growth enhancing hormones or steroids. 

T- bones - $14.99/lb.

​Filet - $18.00/lb.

Sirloin Steak - $9.00/lb.

​Flat Iron Steak - $6.50/lb.

Round Steaks - $6.00/lb.

​Stew Meat - $7.00/lb.

Ribeye Steaks - $17.99/lb.

Ground Beef - $4.19/lb.

Beef Roast - 6.00/lb.

Chuck Roast - $6.00/lb.

Short Ribs - $6.75/lb. 

Beef Spare Ribs - $.5.50/lb.

Minute Steaks - $7.99/lb.

Strip Steaks - $9.99/lb. 

Oxtail - $5.49/lb.

Brisket - $6.00/lb.

Flank Steak - $9.99/lb.

Skirt Steak - $9.99/lb.

Eye of Round - $6.00/lb.

Raw Meat with Rosemary
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