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Are you looking for farm fresh eggs? Well look no further because at Cambridge Creek Ranch we offer free range eggs. Our hens are raised here on our family farm where they are kept healthy and full of essential nutrients. 

We offer a variety of colored eggs from our Easter Egger's, Barneverlder's, Rhode Island Red's, Barred Rocks, Cream Crested Legbnar's, Speckles Sussex's and a variety of Maran hens. 





At Cambridge Creek Ranch we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality free range and organic Cornish Rock and White Bresse chickens. All of our birds are raised humanely on our chemical free pastures.

Cornish Rock's are broad breasted and smooth finished when dressed. Perfect for frying and roasting. This breed has an excellent feed conversion and maximum white meat yield with a plump. full confirmation. Harvest weight is approximately 5lbs - 6lbs. 

Cornish Rock- $4.50/lb

White Bresse's have the most succulent, juicy, firm but tender meat imaginable. Considered to be the Rolls Royce of poultry; known in European countries as the best tasting chickens in the world. Harvest weight is approximately 5lbs - 6lbs. 

White Bresse- $7.00/lb

Americana Chicks- $3.50 

We are currently seeking our NPIP Certification*

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