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Our goat meat is from young free ranged Boer and Kiko meat goats raised here at Cambridge Creek Ranch. Our goats are grass-fed and grain-finished with absolutely no antibiotics, growth enhancing hormones or steroids. 

Leg of goat roast - $16.25/lb. 

Leg steaks - $24.99/lb. 

Rib chops - $38.00 

Loin chops - $38.00

Shoulder roast - $ 16.99/lb.

Boneless sirloin roast - $ 24.99/lb. 

Goat stew - $15.00/lb.

Ground goat - 15.00/lb. 

Neck - $12.99/lb.

Shanks - $14.99 /lb.

Liver, Kidney, Heart, Tongue - $7.99/lb.

Bones - $3.50/lb. 

Sausage - $16.00/lb.

Whole goat, unbutchered - $13.50/lb.

Whole goat, butchered - $16.99/lb. 

Raw leg of lamb on a wooden chopping Boa
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