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Our beef is 100% grass-fed and pasture raised or grass-fed, grain-finished. Our cattle are humanely raised in the most desirable conditions and are free from antibiotics and added hormones. Our beef is is a great source of Omega-3s, vitamins and minerals. Being that we raise and sell our own cattle, we are able to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best quality beef. We never cut corners and are always looking for ways to improve. 

Our cattle roam free in our lush pastures their entire lives and are never put in CAFOs (concentrated animal feedlot operations). Some examples of grasses or minerals they eat may include but are not limited to annuals, perennials, bluegrass, rye grass, and sorghum. We have found that cattle that follow a grass diet identical or similar to the one described above tend to have a great source of Omega-3s, vitamins, and minerals; and also make for an exceptionally tender beef. With great taste and added health benefits, Cambridge Creek Ranch's meat is a choice our customers can feel good about eating and serving to their friends and families 

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